Weekly Recap; May 7th – 13th

Uhm, excuse me May, but can you like… stop moving so damn fast? I need to start packing this week. Or at least seriously start sorting through and throwing things away. Which doesn’t help when I keep getting mail.

I suspended my Candy Club box until Aug, I might just cancel it. I’m not sure yet. Which still leaves Julep, Graze, Ipsy, Sephora, Owlcrate and the 1up box I just signed up for. Yeah I might just have to suspend some of these so I don’t have to worry about losing packages in the mail.

So this week will be focused on sorting/tossing things I don’t use, haven’t used in the last 2 years and don’t see myself using after the move. It’s going to be hard and it’s going to suck a bit but it needs to be done.


The Moving Chronicles | From FL to TX

This is stressing me out. So I figured, why not make a document it. Cause you know me… I like to document everything.

I’ve never moved from state to state that required a moving company and furniture. The last time I moved from CA to FL and back… and back again I had 3 pieces of luggage and that was it. So the move wasn’t that stressful or hard. I mean it was but in different ways. That didn’t cost me over a grand to do.

But this time I have furniture, stuff, important documents and a cat. All of which I need to get from FL to TX. Granted it’s not across the country but it is still proving to be a bit pricey.

My roommate leaves at the end of the month and I found this service on Amazon. As far as I know she hasn’t really ever cleaned/deep cleaned her room or bathroom so I figure I’d use it for when she leaves and they’ll fix everything up. I’ve always been a huge fan of Amazon services since like 2006 so yeah. And it releases some of the stress of me trying to figure out how to pack, clean, sort everything, take care of Sophie and alla that.

I’m just trying to find ways to make this move and process as stress free as I can.


Weekly Recap; March 19th – 25th

I can’t believe how fast the month is going!

Two more weeks and Bubba will be here to spend a week with me for my birthday \o/ which also means… two more weeks until I turn 32. Ugh.I feel like I should feel old. I don’t look any older than 19 and I don’t act any older too, but I feel like time-wise, I could had done more with my life and my time. I don’t know exactly how since it’s not like I wasn’t trying or taking risks but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and that’s okay, what’s not okay is to sit around and mope about it like I have been for the passed few months now.

True things are harder without a car and things are harder when you’re doing them on your own but it’s the challenges in life that help us build who we ARE and to show us just how STRONG we can be if we just don’t quit.

Though quitting is so much easier than the other thing.

I feel like the majority of my 20’s was a waiting game. Waiting for a sign on what to do next. Waiting on a new dream/goal. Waiting for my marriage to magically fix itself. All of which didn’t happen so I feel like my 20’s were just me waiting around, for nothing. And I hate that and I hate thinking back to it but there’s nothing you can do about the past except plan better in the future.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, you’re not here for that today.


5 Things

I really don’t have 5 Things to talk about, I just heard that people are more likely to click on your post if there’s a number involved in the title surprise! click bait! Now that you’re here you might as well stay. You know you want to.

Actually, one thing, I’m ridiculously sleepy right now. I haven’t taken a nap in years and I don’t know what is going on with my system since January but I get really really sleepy and tired and cranky. It’s annoying, even for me.

I had an idea of what I wanted to write (my eyes are closed as I’m typing this by the way, if you cared to know.) and now I can’t seem to remember what it was…..

We’ve run into some drama with his family as we always seem to on like a 3-6 month rotation. It’s seriously dumb, ridiculous and an extreme waste of our time and energy. You’d think these people had something better to do — like watch their damn kids instead of stirring up unneeded drama with someone you don’t even know sending them threats via Facebook messaging, Facebook status updates and various other places. Like yo, if I didn’t respond to the first threat it’s not cause I was scared, it was because I simply don’t give a fuck. You don’t know me. You don’t know him. So everything in anything you’ve ever  posted about us is straight up false. Get your head out of your ass and use your energy to do something more productive.

By the second day we were pretty much over it. I mean there are obvi things we’re still like “wtf” about but it’s not like we really care anymore. He said his peace and I said mine. Though I’m missing one I think. Either way, go ahead and try to bring us down, we don’t care. You’re not the first to attempt to. We’re too busy out here playing in the sun, and building a business (or two). We don’t have time for silly drama.

I’ve become aware that my mom is right; that I need to learn how to control my anger. My vengefulness. It’s hard. But it’s  getting easier every day. But some days are still a challenge. When it slips through and pulls you under to the point where you can’t think, you can’t move, you can’t make it stop. And even though I don’t act on my anger doesn’t mean it’s not there. But I am slowly getting better at controlling it.

I was walking around PetSmart the other day. I was actually on the phone with a friend back home who had his dog taken and was flipping out. And I was looking at the cats up for adoption as I normally do and there was this one cat. This one typical colored cat that caught my attention. Her name is Sophie, she’s 10 years old and she’s 5 pounds. I’m assuming she’s the runt of her liter as she’s so tiny. They didn’t have any info on her as far as her previous owners go but I do have her on hold. So if you’d like to help me adopt this pretty girl drop a donation on my GoFundMe page. We both would really appreciate it!



In other news, I’m turning 30 next month. Holy #($*.