Hello Spring!

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It’s the first day of Spring!

I wish I could be super excited and all happy and cheerful but my roommates boyfriend is here, again.

Anyway, Spring is one of my favorite seasons even if the allergens hit you like a ton of freakin bricks all the time. And even if my eyes get all weirdly puffy here in Florida. But the sun is usually out and the rain doesn’t come for another few months. The weather starts to warm up and who can resist pretty pastel’s everywhere and Easter decor and prepping around the corner?

I always tell myself “when I move next time I’ll deck out my place and I’ll do this and that” and it never happens.

So I’m debating if I should say it this time too or not.

But still here’s to hoping that next Spring I’ll deck my place out and decorate a bit better for Spring; especially since I’ll be living alone with just me and Sophie bear.



Weekly Recap; Feb 12-Feb 18

I was suppose to spend Valentines Day weekend in Dallas with my boyfriend but I ended up missing my flight because I booked it on the wrong day. Yeah. That’s never happened before. It’s never happened that I didn’t check and double check either. The last few weeks have just been so stress filled that I haven’t been paying attention. I was pretty crushed because Valentines Day was pretty much ruined thanks to me. So I was feeling pretty disappointed at myself and down.

So I did a little bit of shopping, even though it didn’t really make me feel better. Penny ended up getting me even more stuff for Valentines Day. And surprisingly he managed to get my gift to me the day before Valentines Day!

My mom sent me a bunch of Lavender things to help me relax and ease my anxiety. I finished reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer finally and loved it! I finished Cinder last year and it took me forever to get back into reading. I’m currently working on Cress now and I’m not enjoying it as much but it just started. I also got my Feb Graze box and I’m most excited about these two snacks I got!

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WEEKLY RECAP | JAN 15-21 2017

Do I go out every Saturday? This is starting to look like a trend…

Let’s see how this passed week ended up! Shall we?

It started with lots of Sophie hugs. I love how she’ll wrap her tail around my leg, do her little feet shuffle and look up at me. Gah I love this little girl so much! I decided to burn the rest of my Limoncello Poptail candle since it was pretty much almost gone anyway. I love this candle, I don’t even remember buying it but I’m glad I did! The American Home Lemon Cupcake candle was a disappointment with its non existent scent throw so I did the Wal-Mart wax melts inside my Yankee Candle tart warmer (seriously my favorite thing to do — I wish YC would sell empty plastic cups so I wouldn’t have to empty them myself) and this combo is seriously lemon heaven. Mm! I can’t get enough! Also, a house fly decided to die in my freshly made bubble bath… again. This is getting old guys, just stop.


I spent one of the days getting BurgerFi (it’s been awhile) which I loveeee. I got my burger wrapped in lettuce like I normally do, a “cry and fry” I hate onion rings normally but I love theirs! And their fries! With a root beer float. Their frozen custard is SO good. I wish I lived closer to one like I use to so I could just pop in for some frozen custard. My Uber driver there was this sweet older lady who I had so much fun talking to! After BurgerFi I headed over to Walgreens since I needed to restock on my disinfectant’s (I prefer Walgreens brand because they’re cheaper and they don’t have harsh chemicals like Lysol does that dry out and fuck up my hands). I also scouted the makeup to see what’s new which was A LOT of Wet N’ Wild and some Jordana liquid lippies. I picked up one, I shoulda picked up more… they were only $5 and the colors were so hard to pick from! They didn’t have my Essie polish I was looking for… booo. It’s probs better that way though. Then I walked over to Publix (it was such a pretty day out and that plaza is one of my favs that I don’t go to enough, I should though!) where I found out I hit 94 pounds… without the excessive kickboxing class. Huh. Maybe that whole you-gain-weight-when-you-age thing is catching up to me? Who knows. All I know is that it’s starting to cause tummy pudge and I need to do crunches and start running again… both of which I hate. But they work. I found the whole set of my green apple shampoo at Publix, hooray! I love this scent but I can’t find it anywhere else but Publix! So weird…

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Hello, Reflecting

Weekly Recap | Jan 8-14 2017

When you realize your week was much more full of product shots than what your week was actually… about.


I started transitioning from Winter to Spring; I don’t know why Kurmoi felt the need to push Kerropi over but she’s rude af. I’m loving the Bath & Body Works Lemon Zest energy aromatherapy candle. Wish I had grabbed more than 2 but I’m sure it’ll come back for the next semi annual sale (and I’ll be there to grab it again)!

I also started reading (and finished) The Cozy Life. I’m trying to include more Hygge into my lifestyle.


I filmed an unboxing video and actually posted it. I unboxed my Sanrio Small Crate that Bubba got me for Christmas, you can see the video here.

I used my new IT Cosmetics CC cream and I love it! It feels so good on the skin! I also used my Too Faced Peach Palette for the first time and I totally dig it. I wish I was more creative with my looks but it’s a work in progress.

I headed to Target to see if they had any more Valentines Day stuff — which they did — but I didn’t really end up picking anything up. I did get a drink from Starbucks which OMG I miss those on a daily basis (no pic cause I drank it too fast). I did spot some new candles from Target and I picked up one of the Pineapple Cake ones which smelled amazing on cold sniff but it doesn’t have a good scent throw sadly… and wasn’t really worth the $10 if you ask me. Also headed to VS to pick up more panties cause I’m in love with the way the PINK panties feel! Also grabbed some more stuff from their semi annual sale too like the hand cream and lip products. The rest of the stuff was my first round there earlier this month.

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With Spring comes… allergies

It’s been warm around here the last few days, which I’m thankful for! I’m so excited for Spring and that clean-air smell and just… ahhh!

But I’m not excited for allergies. I managed to escape most of them last year while I was in Florida (this time last year it would pretty much be summer with 90-100º weather). But now that I’m back in California, I don’t think that’s going to be possible. My brother spent the whole day tearing apart his room, shampooing his carpet… I’m jealous. I should be doing those things too, but OCD just makes everything so damn difficult!

Nothing interesting happened today really, M and I both woke up feeling really sick. We had our usual Sunday lunch… he had Chiptole (I’m obsessed with their shredded beef) and I had my Thai Chicken Salad and Wild Rice soup. It made me feel a little better, the bagel wasn’t sitting well in my stomach though… boo, that’s the best part! After that we headed over to B&N and then to Target. I had to pick up more laundry soap, shampoo, Emergen-C (though I settled with the Target brand thinking they were edible tablets and not the kind you still have to put in water), pens… I got some chips and some apple/grapes snackies. I was suppose to get a new pillow, this feather one I got a week or two ago is not the business. It’s so stiff. If I fluff it, it’s heavenly but it flattens really quickly. I wonder what pillows hotels use, those are amazing! Hmph.

M took me out on Friday to cross off some bay area food places I’ve been meaning to try. It was fun. The first place, Paris Baguette wasn’t what I was expecting. M ordered me a BBQ Chicken Pizza because “I thought it would be like your CPK favorite”. Aww, isn’t that thoughtful? It wasn’t. In fact, I traded him his DELICIOUS Chicken Mozzarella sandwich. OMG HEAVEN you guys! Then we went over to Sprinkles where I *didn’t* buy a cupcake. Yeah, legit. Crazy right? I think I’m officially over cupcakes. Ran around the plaza like kids, cause we like doing that on sunny days (: then we headed over to this Japanese market place to try out some Mochi which M was very impressed with. He didn’t like mine though lol! I got him a Snow cell phone charm from the book store across the street since Snow is his favorite FFXIII and FFXIII-2 character. I got myself Vanille because she’s my favorite. And yeah, we had fun (: blog post about both places on my bay eats blog soon!

I also launched my food blog site. Then I had to re-launch it because wordpress.com doesn’t support ad’s on your page. And while I totally understand, it’s just not for me. I’m also in the works of launching a cooking food blog (whenever I get a chance to do just that) but as always, I’m having trouble with gmail/dreamhost and setting up my email. I messed it up somehow yesterday, blah! So I’m working on fixing it now. I also have to post up my reviews on my book blog, read books for review from Amazon Vine and write my essay rough draft that was due like, yesterday haha!

So much to do and I feel like shit. Booo!

M’s PSN is down til 2am, it’s kinda funny watching him try to find something to do. Gamers. It’s so sad sometimes lol.

M’s taking me out on a date this week. I’m surprised he remembered! I’m so excited!!

M: *mocks me while putting away his laundry*
Me: I hope you epit your fingers!!
M: *shocked look* what does that mean? It sounds mean!!