Weekly Recap; June 4th – 11th

Let’s pretend today’s Sunday, yeah?

This weekend was… kinda awful and anxiety inducing. Actually the whole week kinda was. I’ve had issues with bugs making their way into MY BEDROOM which is not cool; I hate bugs. Like, I hate them, they scare the shit out of me. I had 2 roaches, a random beetle and TWO FUCKIN WASPS make their way into MY BEDROOM. Apparently there was a gap or something in my window frame that was allowing them to come in. Like, what the fuck. Which is weird because I live on the THIRD FLOOR and I’ve been here for ELEVEN MONTHS and I’m just now having this problem?! Like, what changed? Wtf? It’s so weird and crazy! Like, WASPS? REALLY? What are they doing this close to a building? There’s no tree’s in front of my window. There’s nothing, it’s just a freakin parking lot out there so I’m totally confused. Anyway, maintenance came and fixed it but I feel like it’s not totally fixed, but I’m also paranoid, so there’s that.

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Weekly Recap; May 21st – 27th

And here we are, the end of May!

I. Am. So. Excited. For. June.

For hella various reasons.

But today I’m irritated af, though I doubt I’ll be writing why. I know this blog is suppose to be about me and my life and all my word vomit goodness but I’m not sure WHY it isn’t. Or why it’s so hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings and day. I use to do this every day after school in high school, like without fail. Why is it so hard now?! Sigh. Adulthood makes no sense sometimes.

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Weekly Recap; May 14th – 20th

May, you are moving WAY TOO FAST FOR MY LIKING.

Just saying.

My kitchen smells like ass right now, not that THAT’S anything ever new. Which I’m between so fuckin tired of it and fuck it.

I’m so excited to have my OWN OWN PLACE that I DON’T HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE pretty soon. Like, SO EXCITED. Ya’ll have no idea HOW EXCITED I am about this!

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Is Summer over yet?

I really hate Summer. I’m not one of those people who go to beaches and do “fun-summer-y” things. So I really have no reason to look forward to Summer. The room I’m currently staying in has one of two temperatures: really really cold or super stuffy. Right now, it’s super stuffy and it’s causing me headaches. Ugh! I’m glad it’s the end of July and Autumn is coming! I loves me some Autumn!

My Financial Adviser screwed up my Financial Aid so the reimbursement he promised me months ago will in fact not be delivered by the time I need it. I know I shouldn’t bank on a reimbursement for assistance since that’s not its purpose but that’s not the frustrating part, it’s the fact that this is the third time he’s done this and the process to which concludes that it doesn’t come on time. This time he had me release a statement that he later said, “oh I may have misguided you, yeah, you’re going to have to send a cancellation statement now.” All this miscommunication! And I’m not the only one with this complaint. It’s just insane. So are my classes going to be covered or not? Ugh.

Hubby is watching this documentary about Aliens (basically). Right now they’re covering Greek and Norse Gods and I’m getting upset because my Greek Gods were not aliens and they did not hover in a spaceship!

Don’t people know that Jesus was inspired by Apollo? So what does that say?

I haven’t been able to read into Norse Mythology just yet, but I’ve been meaning to. Reading up on Greek and Roman Gods is a lot to absorb on its own. Especially since a lot of the Greek and Roman are very similar. Apollo is one of the only ones who’s name doesn’t change. Interesting, right?

Math II is almost done. Got a final to do and we’re free!! But I will miss my class.





This is CA not FL

A friend of mine updated his status on FB saying it was raining, but it was sunny at the time so I’m like *shrug*maybe he’s in SF, since that’s where he works.

Well an hour later, it starts sprinkling, then it stops. Then half an hour later it starts POURING out of nowhere! I looked outside and saw the kitties running for cover (aww). Then there was thunder! Not awesome the-sky-is-cracking-open thunder like in FL but just little rumbling thunder. But then the rain stopped and now it’s sunny… and thundering… haha. This is awesome. Can I get some lightning today too CA? Cause that would be swell ♥.

I miss FL’s summer weather. CA’s is boring. Nothing but heat and sun. And bugs. Lots of bugs…


Before you fade out of my life…

So hold me close, cause I feels so right. This is my last chance to make it real…

SPiNNiNG: Last Chance by Allure ♥

This was my late night jam summer of 2002. Ten whole years ago. And it still touches me the same way it back then. It reminds me of warm San Francisco days, a hint of loneliness, boys I never wanted to hurt and boys I couldn’t have. Missed chances and accidental ones.

I use to tell myself I’d write novella’s of my favorite songs. Whatever stories they told me. You know back when I thought I was a decent story teller? Back when I thought writing a story was cake? Yeah, now ten years later, I’m starting to think I was wrong somewhere. Or I lost a piece of myself. *shrug*.

I’ve been digging up my old websites (at least the URL’s I remember) from geocities and hosted domains through this site that lets you do that and it’s just insane. I miss making non wordpress websites. Of course I’ve been so out of touch with it that I’m not as good as others around the web, but I miss how it was my outlet. I miss learning. I miss feeling accomplished. I miss havingthat. You know? If I were to jump back in it, I don’t remember anything. I don’t know how to code CSS and I don’t remember how to slice in Photoshop. It’s a little depressing.

Summer is near, and I’m starting to revert back to zel. I don’t know why, but she’s just begging to come out and play and we’re not the same anymore. I’m not 17 darling, I’ve got homework and responsibilities  now, sadly this summer is not going to be about having fun, writing, web designing and San Francisco. I wish it was. I’m truly sorry, to both you and me.

Maybe someday I’ll have time. Time to do everything I want to do. See everything I want to see and feel free. Oh I’d love to feel free…


What I would do for some A/C right about now…

It’s so hot today!! Or yesterday, since it’s 242am. But still, OMGGGG! It’s not so much that it’s hot, just that this room is hot since we got two laptops, a fan, a PS3 and a TV running. That’s never good. Ugh, what I would do for some A/C and maybe a bigger room so the air can actually ventilate!

I’m so jealous Brenna is checking in tomorrow, wahhh! I miss Florida!! And she’ll get to be there during the holidays, how cool is that?! I’m still hoping to go to DLand for Halloween, I really want to see my villains!

I spent some time editing pictures (hopefully I don’t forget which ones cause that would be bad) for blog posts, networking a bit (ain’t as easy as it use to be!), reading some Of Posiedon and doing some Greek Mythology research for project #2 ! Which feels promising. But they all feel promising in the beginning, don’t they??

Dad decided to tape my car back together. Uh, yeah. About that. Whatever gets me to class next week for this damn final and final presentation. I’m not even nervous, I just want to be done and out this stupid class already!!!

That’s about all  going on, besides the cool weekend we had in Walnut Creek lol. Dim Sum lunch and Macarons (that were pretty but so not impressive)! Maybe I’ll post pictures later. Gotta get to purging again, gotta really slim it down… quick!