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Weekly Recap; Sept 3rd – Sept 9th

The months are getting colder, which is exciting!

And the weather has been perfect here in Texas. I’ve missed real Fall’s!

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Hello November!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Halloween yesterday!

I spent the day at home… doing homework. Same thing I’ve been doing the last two Halloween’s. We did however get a bit of trick-or-treaters this year. So yay for not having a ton of leftover candy! We were the only house on our block that had lights on though, which is strange. Since I’ve gotten older, there hasn’t been many kids in our area anymore. Always kind of sad, Halloween use to be a busy holiday around here! And now I’m here doing homework, still while waiting for my other team members to get online so we can discuss our upcoming team assignment which is due in a few days. But no one’s showing up and they’re 14mins late. Ugh.

Totally off subject but I’ve been craving Rocky Road ice cream from Baskin Robbins for what feels like forever!

November can be a busy month. In addition to prepping for the holidays it’s also NaNoWriMo (National Writing Month — or something) where you write 1,700 words everyday to write a rough draft of a manuscript. You know, if writing a novel is your kind of thing… and it’s also NaBloPoMo (National Blogging Month — or something lol). So in addition to finishing up this last (hopefully) class, I’m doing NaNoWriMo (3rd year!) and I think I’ll be doing NaBloPoMo too. Mainly because I’m disappointed with the lack of posts I had up on here for October and I feel like I don’t write enough.

So yes, there’s my November. Let’s hope it’s a smooth one!

Are any of you participating in NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo?


Snow faces & such…

It’s so hot today!

Anyway, I’m awful at blogging. That’s the thing with blogging day by day and not you know, being able to schedule things. It takes more time and effort because you have to blog as you go. I think I’ve been spoiled by nitch blogging the last few years haha!

So stuff has been happening.

Math I is finally over, I barely passed but I passed (yay for at least that) but Math II is up next and I don’t have much faith in myself (so there’s that). I’ve been wearing the same two blue shirts all summer. No joke. I don’t remember the last time I really shopped for clothes. It’s not really my thing anymore. I’m not into the trends for the last five years *shrug*. This heat is preventing me from doing anything. It’s awful. And I really really need to stop drinking soda. REALLY. Hot nights + air bubbles in your chest from soda = NOT A GOOD LOOK.

On to more exciting things…

We “adopted” a new kitten. Her name is Snow. After the FFXIII character (who I haaaate, but whatever. Martin never gets to name a pet so there you go). She’s a fluff ball of cuuuute. She chirps and jumps and bounces when she’s excited and she cries when you’re stopping her from doing what she wants (like crawling under the bed). She plays very actively for about 20 minutes then sleeps for like 2 hours. And she SLEEPS. She doesn’t have nightmares during her naps anymore (she would cry while sleeping) and she doesn’t cry all night anymore either, so that’s good.

Like really, how do you say no to a face like that? She’s such a daddy’s girl though. Always cuddling up with M. Like here, right before she fell asleep for about 3hrs. I wish cats stayed that small forever!

Villains #3 Vinylmations are out and I didn’t even know until I placed an order last week (I only placed an order because I was after the $5 Peter Pan Pop Doll). There’s only two I want from this collection and it wasn’t these two lol but it wasn’t such a bad thing either. At least I didn’t get Gaston, then I woulda been mad.

Randomly wanted to mention these because well, they’re pretty delicious. But hard to find! I think they were re-called? Eh, who knows!

Had a dinner snack at Grott’s last night. I thought this was pretty funny. I love places with snarky things on their cups/bags (:

I’m part of a new company which I’m pretty excited about. I won’t really say much else about it until I find out more. But yeah, super excited!

Writing a different fairy tale re-telling but I’m eh about it. I love re-tellings but I don’t think I’m creative enough to write my own. But I have to remind myself, it’s a rough draft, it’s okay if it’s CRAP. No one will see this and that’s what revisions are for! We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a cool concept. I just have to do it justice. Somehow…


Shadows, searching in the night…

There’s something about Don’t Stop Believing (the Glee version) that just makes me want to be productive. There’s also something about Lea Michele that makes me regret the fact that I stopped singing years ago.

When I’m not doing homework, laundry, cleaning, reading, blogging or sleeping I’m researching the publishing world. I’m part of a few writing critique sites asking questions, reading articles and just trying to figure things out. I’m not the type to research before diving head first into something but when it comes to writing I’m super hesitant. Which makes no sense since I’ve been writing (stories) since I was old enough to read.

But the stories I wrote as a kid are so much more different than the stories I’m trying to write now. My stories back then had no real plot, had no driving force and the characters were barely people. They pretty much based on just one emotion.

While I’m pretty good at making people up (I have exes that can confirm this), I for some reason can not make a character. I can’t write someone who’s suppose to be real. I can’t come up with quirks or traits or anything. It’s sort of like playing The Sims and sticking to default. I can come up with a plot, with twists, with conflict but I. Can. Not. Make. A. Damn. Character. This seriously baffles the hell out of me.

So right now I’m reading over my outline. Over and over and over and doing auto pilot things in hopes that my character will just come to me. But she’d rather be sitting over there *points at girl in dress sitting on a rock* and not speaking to me. How are you on non speaking terms with someone you haven’t even met yet?! Grrr.

Until D gets up to talk to me, I’ll be outlining my next idea. Which always presents itself right before I fall asleep and disappears when I wake up like it’s some game. Like it’s the Cheshire Cat or something. Grr. I had a slight idea to write novella’s of people/things I know in real life just as some sort of practice. I think it’ll be a good idea. Do you need to outline novella’s? I guess it’s up to the writer.

… then my mom walks in to say something pointless & I lost my train of thought *sigh.


What I would do for some A/C right about now…

It’s so hot today!! Or yesterday, since it’s 242am. But still, OMGGGG! It’s not so much that it’s hot, just that this room is hot since we got two laptops, a fan, a PS3 and a TV running. That’s never good. Ugh, what I would do for some A/C and maybe a bigger room so the air can actually ventilate!

I’m so jealous Brenna is checking in tomorrow, wahhh! I miss Florida!! And she’ll get to be there during the holidays, how cool is that?! I’m still hoping to go to DLand for Halloween, I really want to see my villains!

I spent some time editing pictures (hopefully I don’t forget which ones cause that would be bad) for blog posts, networking a bit (ain’t as easy as it use to be!), reading some Of Posiedon and doing some Greek Mythology research for project #2 ! Which feels promising. But they all feel promising in the beginning, don’t they??

Dad decided to tape my car back together. Uh, yeah. About that. Whatever gets me to class next week for this damn final and final presentation. I’m not even nervous, I just want to be done and out this stupid class already!!!

That’s about allĀ  going on, besides the cool weekend we had in Walnut Creek lol. Dim Sum lunch and Macarons (that were pretty but so not impressive)! Maybe I’ll post pictures later. Gotta get to purging again, gotta really slim it down… quick!


The *need* to create

I’ve never been a creative person, ever.

As a kid I wasn’t the artist in the family, my brother was. No matter how hard I tried and pretended and believed in myself (even now as an adult), drawing isn’t my nitch. I wish it was, I think that would be awesome, but it’s not.

But writing? Writing I can do. And do well. In fact, I think it’s the only thing I can do well in my life. That’s sort of a lie… I can shop really well too and I now can paint my right hand (maybe people who said all it takes is practice is on to something…)! But in all serious-ness, I’m the writer in the family.

And for a good portion of my life (back when blogging was simple and the internet was less creepy), writing WAS my life. Everyday I’d jot down little idea’s to blog about through out the day. Jot down little quotes I came up with. Jot down lyrics. Anything! I was ALWAYS with a pen in my hand and a notebook in my purse/bag. Always!

These days, not so much. I think I moved on from a lot of the things in life that were bothering me growing up and with that I sort of moved on from writing. I’m one of those tortured soul peoples. I can’t create to the best of my ability unless I’m on the point of suicide.

No, seriously.

It’s crazy right?

I’m getting a little off topic here…

With last year and the ZEROOOO free time I had, I decided to make this yearcrafty year! Well not like, officially or anything but in my mind! I declared it crafty year. Yeah. I’m slightly stepping away from my book blog (my babyyy) to invest more time into exploring things I’ve unintentionally put aside. My writing. My tendency to take too many pictures (I’m not photographer). My curiosity to craft (like crochet and felties). My graphic designing (it’s depressing when I stare at a font and I don’t know it’s name, it use to be a game I played with myself — and won). My web designing (CSS you will NOT defeat me!).

And I want to spent more time with food. Like, real time. Like real legit time.

I want to go wine tasting (even though I’m super picky and ignorant). I want to go cheese tasting (I loves me some cheese, but I’m scared to venture out into the more real cheeses). I want to blog about my adventures in food in the San Francisco bay area because as much as I dislike this place, I can’t even deny it. We have some kick ass food here. And I want to record it. I want to talk about it. I want to share it!

So I decided to. I also decided to do a smash book on my adventures (:

I also decided to do all the other things. Because to me, not writing and not even attempting to create… it’s depressing. It makes me feel empty and hallow. It’s not me. I’m always creating something. And to stand here and not? It’s painful guys, literally.

And since only I can change my life, I decided to.

Join me? (: