Random Facts

  • I’ve seen Wicked the musical 14 times (12 times in San Francisco & 2 times in Orlando)
  • I’m friends with both of the San Francisco Fiyero’s, the witches mother and our Boq (who is now on Broadway and was Darren Criss’ former college roommate)
  • I’ve been engaged (officially) twice
  • I’m incapable of eating a burger without making a mess
  • I was diagnosed with mild OCD in 2006 and went to therapy for 2 years — then I ran out of health insurance
  • I attempted to drop out of high school in 2001
  • That didn’t work out so they sent me to a continuation high school in 2002. BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME — EVER!
  • In 2002 I had 8 classes (including a Saturday morning one) and 2 jobs. I was 17
  • My bucket list is a little over the top and insane but I manage to cross off the big things which always seems to amaze me
  • My absolute best friend in the entire world is hands down my husband
  • I have a habit of spitting in the shower
  • My toes curl when I drive… like I’m bracing myself (does that mean I don’t trust my own driving?)
  • I read every single day (unless I’m in a funk) alternating between paranormal titles and contemporary titles as well as between the young adult, middle grade, chick lit and erotica genres
  • I’ve been a book blogger for 2 1/2 years and I still look forward to checking my email every Monday — obsessively
  • Fresh onions and cilantro make me gag
  • I have a very unhealthy obsession with caramel (esp from Starbucks) and root beer

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