Hey remember me? I miss this place

I feel like ever since this account ran out of media memory I just stopped writing here. A huge part of this blog was sharing pictures.

But I think about this blog ALL the time. I still have hazearella and I created places + peonies a few years ago after I suffered a miscarriage. But I miss just writing about anything and everything. I miss not feeling any kind of pressure about WHAT I’m writing about. Not worrying about photos or SEO or networking my newest blog post.

Just having the freedom to sit down and write, like I use to in High School.

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Life update;

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I updated this blog; a lot has happened since then!

Tums is almost a year and it’s been so crazy seeing her grow and learn how to be a human! Blogging wasn’t a high priority in 2019, at all. Which has been the first year since 1999 that I didn’t regularly blog and it’s just weird to look back on. Or not since there isn’t anything to look back on.

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Hello, Reflecting

She’s here!

If you’ve been here awhile then you’d know I never really planned on having kids, like, ever.

But then you could meet someone you’ve only dreamed could have existed and suddenly want a family with that person.

On March 27th I conquered two fears: childbirth and being induced.

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Hello February

Well here we are, a month closer to Baby Lo getting here! I don’t know why I haven’t officially revealed her name yet but. We haven’t. She’s doing well though, and growing right on schedule. She’s also really active!

Everyone talks about how slow January was but I feel like it zipped right by! But it could also be cause I’m nervous about March/April getting here.

Let me see if I can remember what happened in January.

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Hello, Reflecting

Hey 2019!

Well, kinda.

It’s the 9th day of 2019 BUT HEY ANYWAY.

I’ve been trying to force myself into productivity but being as I just hit my 3rd trimester with this pregnancy… I’m constantly just tired. Which is no good cause this year is gonna be BUSY. And the weeks left until Baby Lo gets here? B U S Y.

So I need to get my ass in gear!

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Recap, Reflecting

You were fun 2018


2018 started off a bit sad — we lost the first Baby Lo at the end of 2017.

But 2018 was overall a fun year. Despite not being able to travel but we went on so many fun adventures! I have so many fun memories to pick from that fitting 12 photos was so hard!

This year tested Bubba and I’s relationship more than the rest of the 2 years had and I absolutely admire through those two huge fights we had this year that he never once made me feel like I was crazy or that I was overreacting or that my feelings weren’t valid. I appreciate that he listened to me bitch him out for as many days as I did and that at the end of it it all; he made moves and he made choices to make the situation better and he does everything he can to make sure my anxiety has nothing to say. That effort alone goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced and I’m always so very thankful for him.

Of all the gift sets/holidays of 2018, I think Valentines Day had some of my favorite items while Easter was my favorite theme!

I got these two beauties!

The metal figs set on the left is one of my favorite figures, period. I love the weight of these items and I love the way Aurora looks. Maleficent as a dragon has always been my fav, period.

He also gifted me the Poison Apple perfume that I had no idea even existed on the right. It smells like D-Street for starters (one of the first Disney locations I ever worked at) and I have a super sweet spot for Poison Apples (I also worked at Candy Cauldron).

I love how every gift he gives me has so much thought in it.

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Hello, Recap

I legit don’t know the last time I’ve been here?!

Bubba got me a spiffy new desktop to make blogging much easier for me and to upgrade my stuff. I figured once it got here I’d be back to blogging my weekly recap’s here but then I got pregnant and I could barely stand the idea of sitting up for a good 12 weeks. Now that I’m feeling much better I somehow keep forgetting about this blog?!

I have been doing Blogmas on my lifestyle blogs though! And Bubba is doing the Funko Photo Challenge on Instagram, I’m glad he’s actively posting (and doing something with his Pop’s) and I love seeing him come up with idea’s for the daily challenge prompts.

Baby Lo is doing good and I just hit 22 weeks. She just kicked me. She’s pretty active in the morning and at night and when I’m pretty much stuffed.

I’ve been sick the last week which has sucked. Heartburn + coughing = misery. Forreal. Heartburn from pregnancy in general is prettyyyyyy miserable. But at least Baby Lo is happy and healthy and swimming in her fluid then I. Will. Endure.

Not that I have a choice.

Still terrified of labor. Like no joke.

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Hello, Recap

Life’s been eventful — I got engaged!

I know I’ve been slacking on posting here; I’ve been trying to post more on my other blogs but have epically failed Blogtober there as well. Eep.

We went to our second Texas State Fair together and thankfully it was a pretty day unlike last year where it rained that morning!

I thought being pregnant would give me some food room since you know, baby and all… but it didn’t lol I got full pretty fast. Well faster than I would had liked! We tried some really good stuff!

Some of my favs were the Deep Fried Shepard’s Pie and the Cotton Candy Taco. After the fair we went to the mall to go look for some stuff, I don’t remember now what but I ended up getting some of the MAC holiday collection and the Too Faced lippie Holiday set I was looking for!


We had agreed not to get anything from the MAC Holiday cause nothing really impressed me but I saw swatches of the single shadows and I hated that I missed out of last years. This years didn’t sell out AS FAST as last years so I decided to grab them anyway. Bubba added the brush set which I like. If these were full sized brushes they’d be really pretty!

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If Only…

Pregnancy isn’t fun.

I’m not having fun.

But I’m very thankful the first trimester is over. I am very thankful the morning sickness has let up. I’m very thankful that there isn’t much ligament pain or stretching of the skin pain or very much cramping these days.

However; the headaches are still in full force. The discomfort is still (and I assume will always) is still there. Feeling like a turtle on its back every time I have to get out of bed is still a thing. Oh and having to pee 3-5 times a night is now a thing. And one new thing that happened this week was that I have so weird break out happening on the left side of my forehead, cheek, eyebrow and nose. I feel like they’re mosquito bites but at this point with side effects and hormones and such who the hell even knows anymore.

I am just thankful I can eat (almost) anything I want without throwing up my entire soul.

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Why I’ve been MIA…

The last few weeks have been hell! I’ve been nauseous and my anti nausea meds haven’t been doing much of anything except their side effects of headaches and constipation have kicked in, so that’s not really been fun.

I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant.

I was fine. Totally fine! Up until the 5th week hit then BAM, morning sickness. Ugh. I HATE morning sickness (then again idk anyone who enjoys that shit)!

I’ve had my first appt already and did a shit ton of blood work; I didn’t get an ultrasound though. I think I am my next appt which is really really soon but really really early in the morning. I’m worried they’ll need to do more blood work which I’m not down for, the last time I ended up throwing up in the car (I had a plastic bag, don’t worry — I’ve learned to keep them near especially in car rides) really fuckin violently like I was starting to see spots from how hard my insides were trying to come out! They took like 10 little things of my blood and I’m fuckin anemic! Not to mention this baby is also sucking my blood so I mean… hello?! Y’all gonna just be greedy like that?!

There’s a pretty hearty list of things the baby makes me throw up and I have ZERO interest in ANY sort of food right now which is just downright depressing.

I’m not gonna go into too much detail about how I’m doing; just thought I’d make this quick post in case any of you were wondering where I had gone off to!

Will update soon, hope you’re all doing well!