At Last…

Nine years ago today started off like any other school day and ended like any other typical day — at M’s house watching TV, eating dinner with his family then watching MXC before I had to go home. I remember we had chocolate chip chocolate ice cream after dinner that night and at that point I was starting to wonder if he’d ever ask me out since we had been “talking” for about three months at this point. He was obviously into me since he insisted on calling me babe just a month before and refused to call me anything else, even though we weren’t dating. I remember sitting and watching TV while eating my ice cream and he kept kissing me saying my lips were soft and when we move out, he’s going to buy me a lifetime of ice cream to keep my lips kissably soft. Kinda strange, but I rolled with it.

After awhile he tried to get my attention and all he said was, “how does the fifth sound?” and I said no thinking he said something else and he was like, “… no?” and I was like “wait, what are you asking? I don’t get it” and he’s like “you’re ruining my game” and I was like “uhh yeah, still don’t know what you’re asking me” and he was like, “Fine! Babe, will you go out with me?” lol I’ll always find it funny that he phrased it that way!

We were never the type of people to have long term relationships my longest relationship prior was barely six months and his longest relationship prior was about two weeks, or a month, I don’t remember. Either way, we weren’t long term people.

And yet, here we are, nine years later.

I loved you then, I love you now and I’ll love you always.

Happy 9 years besterest friend. I care about you, foreal foreal


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