Hello, Recap

Weekly Recap; Feb 25th – March 3rd

Well, February is officially over.

And that’s just crazy.

This week was spent mostly over at READARELLA and laying in a puddle full of feels because I finished A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas which is the second book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, a loosely based Beauty and the Beast retelling but with Faeries and courts (I love Faerie books because I love hearing about the different courts) and RHYSAND. Oh, my soul is still aching about everything that happened!

Anyway, on to what happened this week!


I don’t play Monster Hunter, I opted for Secret of Mana and I kinda wish I had gotten Monster Hunter even though I KNOW the game play is NOT my style at all. But I’m LIVING FOR these screenshots Bubba has been sending me. I created his character Autumn and he changed her hair from red to purple and it looks so good! Oh and I’m absolutely living for photos of his cat friend Paddle Paws (HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME).


I’m such a sucker for retellings, gothic themes and pretty covers. AG Howard is the queen of this (besides Melissa Marr and Sarah Rees Brennan). She announced her new retelling coming out next year but how pretty is this cover?!

It gives me time to finish the Splintered series (an Alice in Wonderland retelling — one of my favs btw, I just never ended up finishing the series) and starting Roseblood (a Phantom of the Opera retelling which I know nothing about but it still looks super interesting).

Like I said, most of this week was spent on READARELLA.

If you’re interested in the posts I had posted this week over there;

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Review; Tentacle & Wing by Sarah Porter

I use to write book reviews here on this blog years ago and stopped. OMG I just looked through it, I can’t believe I posted my I’ve Got Your Number, Hex Hall and Shatter Me reviews here! I can’t believe HOW LONG AGO that was! I’m always so shocked to see how long ago that was, how many years have passed and how much my life has changed since then. And how long it’s been since I stopped reading. I need to re-read Shatter Me this year since the 4th (is it 4th?) book comes out this year. I was still Team Adam and I think I stopped cause everyone was like switching to Team Warren and I’m like OHGODWHATSHAPPENING. The last book I read was the 1.5 novella when I was still working at Yacht & Beach at Disney and I was SORT OF swaying Team Warren and quit the series cause I was NOT about that life lmao.

Like I said, I finished A Court of Mist and Fury and I think I’ll post my THOUGHTS (not a review, just a straight word vomit) here because it’s been YEARS since a book has made me FEEL like this. It’s been YEARS since I’ve placed a book on my FAVS list without a doubt. And there’s something so nice and refreshing about feeling THIS feeling again.

There’s something really refreshing about feeling more and more like MYSELF lately. I know doing things that bring me back to ME ends up taking time away from Bubba and I know it bothers him sometimes but I am thankful that he tries his hardest to understand and to push me and to not allow me to quit the things that make me, me. I’m so thankful he encourages me to live for my fandoms and even introducing me to new ones.

I haven’t been taking that many photos this week as my OCD has been really hard on me this week with giving me mini anxiety attacks after my showers every night this week and I’m not sure what the triggers are tbh. But Bubba bought me Pokemon Sun for the DS since I keep collecting Eevee plushies.

He also got me 4 books; I finally got The Art of Moana. I wanted the Tangled one but it wasn’t sold by Amazon and I don’t like buying from the Amazon Marketplace. He also got me the second book in The Red Queen series since he got me the first and third not knowing it was missing the second. I also got Winter, I was going to get all of the missing ones since I only have Cinder in physical form but I decided on just Winter for now and I’ll get the rest later when I re-do my shelves. And he got me the 10th Anniversary of City of Bones from B&N. I’m so excited about it! I don’t have the hardcover for City of Bones, City of Ashes or City of Glass I had opted for the paperback (even though I’m not a fan of paperback) because I’m in love with the spine image when you put them together but I gotta get the last 3.

Oh he also got me the last book I needed for the Twisted Tales series which was As Old As Time, the Beauty and the Beast retelling. I didn’t realize I got the first book for this series for review in 2013 which is A Whole New World but yay! Oh how I miss being a book reviewer.


The sun finally came out! It’s been raining for weeks and I was so excited to see the sun out that I posted some of my favorite throwback Spring photos on my instagram.

The top right one was from last year when I was living in Ocoee, FL.

The bottom right is from 2015 when I was still living in my Disney apartment in Bay Hill/Winter Garden, FL. I miss my office. I miss that apartment. I miss being able to see the nighttime fireworks (which was Wishes at the time) from my bedroom and office window. I had just started going to Full Sail University at the time and I LOVED it so much. I wish I had never gotten kicked out of my BA even though the guy I started dating refused to take me home so I missed a lot of my homework assignments and ugh it was just a pain. I still ended up graduating from Full Sail with a certification but no BA. And I wasn’t able to reapply for the BA program cause I had missed too much to make up for.

It’s so crazy to think how stupid I think relationships are/can be but I’ve never had as much freedom in a relationship as I have in the one I’m in now. And it’s crazy to think that you shouldn’t be granted freedom to be yourself. And why did I deal with that?


Bubba took me grocery shopping and he got me a Lemon Chiffon cake and a Chocolate dipped Mallow cause I had a dream about one and I’ve been wanting one from Disney lately. But also my period last month was icky. It was so painful! No one ever talks about how painful your next few periods after a miscarriage is.

I got a coffee from the new coffee shop that opened downstairs and their menu is really small. It’s a cute little cafe for people to study and get coffee and there were A LOT of people there! I got an iced mocha, they didn’t have caramel syrup so booo but it was still good. It wasn’t a super strong coffee flavor but this small cup was $5, so eh.

I also started to tidy a little bit and finally put Autumn’s stocking away. It’ll be there when she decides to show up again, but for now, I’m tucking it away.


Bubba made me a deal early in Feb that if I could sort my desk, cubbies area, closet, and bedroom he’ll get me the desktop I want AND MY Canon G7x camera I’ve been wanting forever.

But this is just my room — I have A LOT of tidying and sorting to do! And I’m now 5 days away from the deadline when I was at 30. I swear I put the PRO in PROCRASTINATION. But that’s not really it, my OCD has been a bitch and it makes it hard for me to do anything some days. No matter how much I want to tidy and sort and clean. It’s hard to explain what I mean but it stops me from doing a lot. Sometimes it stops me from filming videos or taking product shots for my blog. It ranges and it sucks. Some day I’ll figure it out.

But this week is completely dedicated to sorting, cleaning and tidying. Cause I really need to get it done and his deal is too good to just pass up.


I spent some time sulking over the fact that Bubba has decided to leave FFXIV though I don’t blame him at all tbh! I feel like Stormblood ruined the game more than helped it. Everyone now acts like they’re part of some elite crowd, people don’t want to help you do or clear dungeon runs that are NEEDED for Main Story Quest unless you “already know the fight” but if you’re looking for a CLEAR how the fuck are you suppose to know the fight? They EXPECT everyone to YouTube the fight and I think that’s kind of unfair. I like to be surprised with what a fight is and learn as I go, I won’t learn WATCHING a video on it. Plus I main Summoner, I’m support. I just hit shit and dodge AOE’s. But still, people’s attitudes since Stormblood came out have made the entire experience toxic. So I haven’t hit 70 yet and he has no desire to do any of the raids.

The game use to be fun and we use to do a lot of stuff together and I LOVED doing our weekly runs be it Weeping City or Dun. I enjoyed doing these things every week with him and now that everything changed idk, it’s just not the same. They also took away a lot of our job abilities and replaced them with other stuff, so even playing our jobs isn’t the same anymore. I get that Square Enix does THAT part a bit as it happened a few times on FFXI when I played back in 2004-2012 but idk, I feel like my SMN is broken now lol.

So yeah, I don’t blame him for not wanting to play anymore. But I spent 8 years on FFXI and I can’t believe I’m tired of FFXIV after 3. I mean there’s still lots more things I could do, I love crafting but the problem with that can be that I’m not high enough/don’t have friends to run maps with in order to get some of the supplies I need for crafting. Sometimes they just make things really hard, even the small things.


With that said I created a new character named after Rhysand from ACOTAR and I plan on making him a Dark Knight even though I hate tanking. Or rather, I’m afraid of tanking. But also I’m playing as a MALE character this time — granted my main character on FFXI was a MALE Taru (now a Lala) for about 6 years. So I think I’ll manage. I still have Axelyn but I just wanted to start over and re-experience the parts of the game I really did enjoy. I did borrow Bubba’s characters face though, this is my favorite look of Sir Penny’puss. Rhysand in the book doesn’t have blond hair but whatever! It still works!


Bubba is really good at designing our houses. This is his, he made me a reading nook inside of it and I want to preserve this for a long as I can, even though he doesn’t plan on coming back. But it just reminds me of how he redid my room when we first met.

He asked me what I liked, I said books.

So he turned my FC room into a library. I have a million photos of this but I can’t find them at the moment lol.


I FINALLY got to try Joe’s Crab Shack and I had so much fun with Bubba’s family to celebrate his sister’s birthday.

Bubba also got me and Tina a bucket of crab and we TORE IT UP, it was so good! Bubba even helped me crack some of my pieces. He’s not a huge fan of seafood (especially if it’s raw) but I love that he let’s me do what I do (at least he likes Filipino food, so I’m not mad he doesn’t like seafood as much as I do lol). But oh gosh I can’t wait to go back and get more delicious food! Jeska also bought her own Disney cake, I forgot to take a photo but it was so cute! I got the Snow White slice. It was a really good strawberry cake with cream filing! The popcorn on top of it (it was modeled after Disney movies) was made of marshmallow, it was so good!


Bubba’s tired of my same jeans and hoodies lmao.

So he bought me several outfits and a pretty mint green dress for Easter. I guess that whole OOTD thing is happening soon! Though when it comes to shoes I’m pretty basic/lost. I’ve always hated shopping for shoes, unless I see shoes randomly I like. I just hate shopping for shoes. I don’t even know why lol.

We stopped by B&N and he got a shit ton of savings on some Dorbs dolls and some other stuff. One of the things being a Samurai Spiderman that was $90 and went down to $2. Yeah, that’s freakin crazy. Sadly the 3 for $30 YA book deal is only online and I haven’t picked up The Book Jumper yet but these covers are so pretty! Went to Target and Bubba got me my book shelves so now I have to sort out this bookshelf area in my room and make room for the new book shelves which thankfully have more shelves and more space and I’ll be able to actually decorate them!

KFC had advertised BBQ Chicken wings on their window and I was HYPED thinking they brought back their Honey BBQ wings from wayyyy back when I use to work there and they SORT OF did. I’m going to write a review on them even though I hate the photo I took but whatever.


Other than that I’ve been craving Jollibee Spag like no one’s freakin business. But that’s to be assumed when Spring rolls by. I don’t know why I crave it the most when Spring and Summer creep around.

The Flower & Garden Festival at Disney World is starting soon and it’s the first year in FIVE that I won’t be there for it. I saw some of the food they’re featuring this year and I’m a little sad they didn’t do anything cool like that in the previous years I was there for. I think the first year they included food was probably the best year.

But incoming Flower & Garden posts are coming!

That’s it for my week, right now I’m reading Three Young Queens and I’m hoping to write my review for A Court of Mist and Fury so I can read the 3rd book. The 4th one comes out later this year.

And also going to be spending the rest of this week sorting, tidying and cleaning! Which also means backing up my WHOLE laptop into an external hard drive as well… eep.

What are some of your plans for this week?


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